29th July, 2014

And Now for Something Completely Different


That was a nice breather after the heaviness of Girlish Sweet, right? And it’s nice to see some new faces, though I do kind of miss Katou…

In any case, it’s alright to feel heartbroken, but you shouldn’t take it out on other people’s personal property. And you shouldn’t cause them problems at work, either… well, I guess because she’s like that, Ryouko feels much more like an adolescent than Nonaka or Katou.

Since this was the only remaining chapter of Perfume of Love, there is (sadly) no immediate follow-up to this, but it looks like it gets continued again in Steps. Which we will get to … after KiLa KiLa. Please wait patiently until then, alright?


Perfume of Love: Love*Preparation
Read Online (Dynasty) || Read Online (Batoto) || Download || Mediafire


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